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Keep 'Em Talking to Stop 'Em Walking

Stacey Soble | December 16, 2015 | 10:30 AM

The Shortcuts Software team spent 2015 hitting the streets and asking clients the hard questions to uncover that it takes more than just love to make stylist-client relationships last.

As part of its Cheating Client series, the Shortcuts Software team interviewed passers-by on the street about their deepest salon secrets – what turns them on, off and everything in between. The project was designed to help salon owners gain an insight into the wants and needs of their clients – direct from the source. Throughout the project, a few key themes emerged:

#1 Show them love, consistently – It’s all too easy to take your clients’ continued devotion for granted, and they won’t stay faithful if they feel ignored or underappreciated. Automate communications to ensure you never lose touch for too long, and put a plan in place to recognize and reward their loyalty.

#2 Don’t make the kiss ‘n’ tell the kiss of death – Clients don’t generally want to leave negative feedback, and the ones who did generally did so as a last resort. Keeping your communications open is key – but remember that most of the time they won’t be comfortable telling you everything to your face. Online surveys were revealed to be the feedback method of choice for many interviewees, as long as the salon owner acted on the feedback to provide a resolution.

 #3 Give your man convenience – Everyone wants to tap into the booming men’s market – so how do you keep their attention and affection? According to the guys interviewed, convenience and instant gratification are everything. They don’t want to pick up the phone to talk and they don’t want to book weeks in advance, making online booking/online self-check-in a highly attractive option for many modern gents.

#4 Reward loyalty in the shower – Many of the people interviewed take their stylist’s advice on products, only to purchase them online. It’s not fair, and they know it, but if you want to stop them straying to the web, you need to offer something better. And it’s not just about price. When it comes to retail, a little reward goes a long way. Extend your loyalty program to incentivize retail purchases, and you’re creating the type of value that speaks to today’s client.



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Management Practices
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