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STAMP 2015: Salon Gloss' Best Incorporation of a National Campaign

Stacey Soble | September 8, 2015 | 1:47 PM

Nick Arrojo at Salon Gloss

Salon Gloss

Woodstock, Georgia

Owned by: Tim Timmons


In his market, Tim Timmons is known for his makeovers. When a young woman who was an abuse victim submitted a makeover request because she wanted to show other women they can survive abusive situations, Timmons decided to do something special. As a salon vendor of the Arrojo product line, he invited Nick Arrojo to come do the makeover with him, and he hired a videographer to film it. 


Timmons ended up using the footage to make a commercial, and Arrojo provided the voiceover. The commercial airs on 21 premium cable channels 1,500 times a month for $5,000, and it runs as a commercial at the local movie theater 896 times per week. 


“It’s been a phenomenal success,” Timmons says. “We get 25 new client requests per week from the cable commercials and about 10 new clients a week from the movie theater airings,” he says.


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