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STAMP 2015: Impressions' Print Ad

Stacey Soble | September 8, 2015 | 10:09 AM

The Downside Campaign
Owner: Kitty Tierney

For Impressions, their Downside campaign has staying power. It was honored with a STAMP in 2012, and Owner Kitty Tierney’s latest print ads in the same campaign is capturing our interest again.

The tongue-in-cheek campaign showcases the negative impact of having a great haircut from Impressions. Tierney believes the humorous ads work so well because traditional salon ads featuring avant guard hair can be intimidating to the average client.

Impressions' clever Downside Campaign.

Tierney meets with her advertising partner regularly and constantly produces a new series of ads, which are featured in local magazines, as well as in the local movie theater. “I pay a few hundred dollars each month to run the ads before movies, to display the ad in poster form in the lobby and to hand out postcards before and after showings,” Tierney says. “Most of our clients live in our zip code, so advertising at the local theater has been very successful.”

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