This Money-Making Service Will Help Grow Your Salon Business

Lauren Salapatek | July 7, 2015 | 9:37 AM
Hairdreams' Laserbeamer Nano
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Before and after using Hairdreams
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April Poster, Salon Director of Schardein’s Salon, an elite Intercoiffure Salon in Oklahoma City.
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Sonya Dove, top stylist and co-owner of The Doves Studio presented by Studio DNA
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Vered Valensi owner of Vered Salon in West Hollywood, California
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Danny Leclair, owner of DNA Studios in Los Angeles, California
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In today’s world, it’s not enough to offer a complete line of beauty services for your clients. You also need to offer the best money-making services to keep your salon growing and producing top dollar sales and revenue. We spoke to a few high profile salons to get their insight on the best money-making service they recommend for salons. They all had one answer in common: offer Hairdreams thickening and lengthening services.

With so many opportunities in the marketplace which include clients with thinning hair, an aging population with higher disposable incomes or those who want a dramatic new look instantly, you can accommodate various client's needs. Hairdreams helps create longer lengths, more volume and features 100% real human hair, offering the most natural look and feel.

Find out why these top salons are partnering with Hairdreams to help grow their businesses.

How do you use Hairdreams in the salon?

“We use Hairdreams exclusively in the salon to help lengthen and thicken hair,” explains April Poster, Salon Director for Schardein’s Salon, an elite Intercoiffure Salon in Oklahoma City.  “The majority of our clients request more fullness and volume.  Hair thinning and hair loss is a big concern today and it’s not a one size fits all. We can customize any new look with Volume+ hair pieces or the Nano strands, depending on the needs of each client.”

“Hairdreams helps us in many ways to enhance any style for a client,” says Sonya Dove, top stylist and co-owner of The Doves Studio presented by Studio DNA. “We can create longer looks or add volume to hair instantly with just a few strands. Some women just need volume at the temples or crown for that perfect finish. For those who don’t want the color commitment, we use Hairdreams strands to add splashes of color or highlights.  Hairdreams is not a niche product – it can be used for practically anything for enhancement.”

What types of clients do you recommend Hairdreams for?

“Any client can use Hairdreams,” says Vered Valensi, owner of Vered Salon in West Hollywood, California. “From hair thickening to lengthening to just adding some color, Hairdreams is the ideal system for any client.  About 80% of my services in my salon are hair lengthening and thickening. I work with models, celebrities and high profile personalities. In fact, I personally wear Hairdreams myself. I also find that it’s important to have a private room in the salon where the consultation takes place, so clients have some privacy for their services.”

“Traditionally, hair extensions were viewed as high end services for actors and models,” explains Danny Leclair, owner of DNA Studios in Los Angeles, California. “But, most of our bread and butter clients are older women who are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss and require more hair volume. Hairdreams gives us a wide range of options to offer our clients the ideal solution for the most natural-looking results. There are also clients in a transitional phase in their life. For example, a client who just had a baby is experiencing some hair loss and is looking for more fullness and texture. Hairdreams gives us the tools to create a new look for any client in any circumstance.”

How have you benefitted from using Hairdreams in the salon?

“After we brought in Hairdreams, our sales grew 10% the first year. We’re at about 15% growth this year and looking at 20% by the end of the year,” says Leclair.

“We have a dedicated team of stylists in the salon who specialize in Hairdreams,” explains Poster. “Our business has grown tremendously with Hairdreams since we incorporated it into the salon in 2007and we are selling it in middle America – Oklahoma City, which is not even a fashion capital of the nation. Incremental sales can start at 10% and go up from there.”

What do you love most about Hairdreams?

"What I most love about Hairdreams is the product itself, the hair quality. The customer support is phenomenal – they invest in me as a partner and we become business partners helping to grow each other's business," explains Valensi.

"A few years ago, we were looking for a hair extension service such as Hairdreams to fill the void in our salon,” explains Dove. “We love that Hairdreams has been the perfect business partner for the past five years to help grow our business and help us become a full-service salon. The company is not just about hair thickening and lengthening. Hairdreams’ customer service is top notch and they fulfill our orders on time, sometimes overnight with no delays or out of stocks. There are many companies who are dealing with out of stock issues and it’s affecting the business of many salons. Hairdreams hasn’t had to deal with that issue. When we order Hairdreams hair, we get it right away.”

“We love that Hairdreams can be used at so many levels at the salon and the multitude of solutions it can provide for clients,” explains Poster.  “The innovation and variety of hair systems gives us the ultimate tools we need to create limitless styling.”

What is your advice for other salons?

“Choose the best, high quality products and systems like Hairdreams.  Don’t try to skimp on costs by using lower-end products.  Providing higher quality products brings clients back into your salon and creates loyalty,” says Valensi.

“Find people in the salon who are passionate,” explains Poster. “Build a team and focus on education for both the stylists and clients. Train the entire salon on Hairdreams and the options available to address any concerns a client may have, so they know that there are a variety of solutions available to them.”

“Hairdreams can be introduced in many ways to a client. You win them over in the consultation,” says Leclair.  “It’s in the method you approach it. Sit them down, look them eye to eye, especially in ultra-sensitive situations such as hair loss and offer them solutions that will change their life. If stylists approach hair extensions as a high ticket item, it will be short-lived. Being able to help clients regain their confidence and self-esteem with hair solution options is empowering. Not only will you change a life, you will have a client for life.”

Hairdreams has been partnering with salons for more than 10 years. Top stylists recommend Hairdreams for the most natural look and feel. No one can tell you are wearing Hairdreams. For salons looking to grow their business, try Hairdreams as a business partner. The brand’s motto is fitting for their reputation in the industry: “Don’t ask for hair extensions, ask for Hairdreams.” To find out more, log onto the website at

Vered Valensi is a top celebrity stylist and owner of Vered Salon in West Hollywood, Calif.  She has been working with Hairdreams for more than 11 years and frequently featured in TV trend segments. Her work experience includes print editorial, TV, film and a long list of A-list celebrities who rely on her skills for the most natural, gorgeous hairstyles.

Danny Leclair is owner of Studio DNA Salons in Los Angeles together with Aubrey Loots - their mission is to have all services and products uplift and inspire their clients to their own personal greatness. They are stalwart champions for this industry and plan on taking their mission to other stylists and salon owners.

Sonya Dove is a legendary hairstylist and co-owner of The Doves Studio presented by Studio DNA in Santa Monica, California.  She has interchangeable roles as leading stylist, top educator, business entrepreneur, trendsetter and creative consultant.

April Poster is Salon Director for Schardein Salon in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Schardein Salon is an elite Intercoiffure salon offering premium award-winning services from hair care to skin care.  The stylists at Schardein’s are trained to be business people and creative artists.

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