Salon Tour: XO Studio in Chicago, Illinois

Lauren Salapatek | December 23, 2014 | 9:00 AM
XO Studio Staff
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XO Studio
3428 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL

Owner: Charles Bonanno

Established: 2013

Square footage: 3,010

Overall Style: Sleek, upscale, professional

Retail: Kevin Murphy, Moroccanoil, Label M

Color Line: Wella

Furniture: Belvedere

Architect: Pine Grove Construction

Designer: Pine Grove Construction

Photographer: Charles Bonanno

1. List your three favorite features of your salon/spa design and explain why.
"Our shampoo area was a challenge, it was a small space and needed a serious makeover," says Bonanno. "To try and give our clients that "spa" effect, it took some real planning and tearing out walls and having to redo the entire plumbing. Picking out the right tile and flooring was key as well and working with Belvedere was instrumental when designing the layout. In the end, the shampoo area was transformed into a more relaxing space for your clients.  

The flooring was also important when it came to the design of XO Studio. I went with a real rustic look which gave us and edge from other salons in the neighborhood."

2. What was the biggest challenge about this salon or spa design, and how did you overcome it?
"Finding the perfect space and making sure my staff can have an easy commute to work. I was very fortunate to find someone who wanted out of being an owner an wanted to sell her business. She now works for me and we are both so happy."

3. Who is your target market and how did you design this salon to attract that market? "We do not limit ourselves to certain markets. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and all ages. Since we have been open, our rating has been 5 stars with YELP and we continue to get amazing reviews. It does put the pressure on, but we all love a challenge. Our neighborhood consist of young and older professionals and a lot of our new business has been word of mouth or from YELP reviews."

4. Which specific elements of your salon design were planned to enhance productivity and profitability?
"The over all look of the salon, really wanted something different then what I have done before or worked at. Our chandeliers are beautiful and sparkle when looking in from the outside. The flow of the salon and energy of the staff when you walk in is very powerful.  My staff is a blessing and could not have done it without any of them."

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