2014 Coaches and Consultants: Pure Beaute, Inc.

Stacey Soble | November 1, 2013 | 9:39 PM

2014 Coaches and Consultants: Pure Beaute, Inc.2014 Coaches and Consultants: Pure Beaute, Inc.2014 Coaches and Consultants: Pure Beaute, Inc.

Pure Beauté, Inc.
855-299-PURE (toll free)
OWNERS: Frank and Crystal Prescuitti

Pure Beauté is an international coaching, training, and consulting company that maximizes salon and spa success by bringing ART + BUSINESS to life to bridge the gap between passion and profits.  We inspire you to become savvy and influential salon and spa leaders by offering world-class business training, marketing, and proven systems resulting in a winning team culture, exceptional client experience and loyalty, and profit growth. Frank Prescuitti, a certified leadership coach, together with Crystal Prescuitti, bring 30 years of beauty industry experience with MBA credentials.
WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: Expertise through years of growing thousands of salons and spas led to our exclusive “6 P’s of Success” system. To achieve  your desired results, we combine relevant trends in fashion and beauty with real world “How To” training, leadership coaching, team building, client retention, profitability, retail and service strategies, and marketing. You gain a step-by-step action plan with goals, metrics, and timelines. To accelerate growth, we offer 90-day jumpstart packages.

HOW WE WORK: Achieve your goals via video training, live events, interactive workshops, virtual/onsite coaching, tele-seminars, insider access to influential beauty leaders and customized plans.  Exclusive programs empower you to develop your influence as a leader, enhance team performance, increase sales and maximize profitability: PURE Circle of Influence, PURE Empowerment Journey, PURE Excellence Culture, PURE Experience Marketing, PURE Inspiration Coaching, PURE Pathways and PURE Profit.

CATCH US AT: Pure Beauté offers inspiring and results-driven live events, tradeshow seminars, keynotes and tele-classes. Visit for details.

SMART TALK: Imagine a world that creates a Pathway to Success. What does the journey look like? Who inspires you? How will you achieve your dream? Start by clarifying your vision to reveal your purpose and make the dream attainable. Clarity inspires action.

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