2014 Coaches and Consultants: Psy-Cosmetology

Stacey Soble | November 1, 2013 | 12:50 PM

2014 Coaches and Consultants: Psy-CosmetologyPsy-Cosmetology or
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OWNED BY: Howard Hafetz and People Media, Inc./Raylon

Psy-Cosmetology is where the sciences of psychology and cosmetology meet and focus on the “human side” of our business. It makes salon professionals realize that what clients come to the salon for is not just a great cut or color, but rather the great “feeling they get” when their hair is cut and colored just right. Salons offer confidence. Psy-Cosmetology focus on the important role consultation plays in fulfilling client needs, offering stylists a higher level of connection with them, and on a much deeper level – spiritually and emotionally.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: As an industry, we focus much time on “what’s new,” learning new techniques, new artistic ways to express ourselves. Psy-Cosmetology focuses our time on the client. It is a “movement” with mission and will be available at all levels of the industry.

2014 Coaches and Consultants: Psy-CosmetologyCATCH US AT: On Becoming a Psy-Cosmetologist is available in paperback book via PMI (ask for quantity discounts) or through Soon to be available through Apple store, as well.  A one-day certification seminar will be held April 14th in Pittsburgh. Ticket info: contact Lori Z. at 610-376-4871 or [email protected]

SMART TALK: The 7 Benefits of Becoming a Psy-Cosmetologist
1. Finding more fulfillment in the salon, and in life
2. Increasing financial potential - LEARN MORE, EARN MORE
3. Achieving greater success with people
4. Acquiring skills to deal with all personalities
5. Learning strategies to cope with salon stress
6. Experiencing more energy and motivation
7. Building your clientele and keeping your clientele

2014 Coaches and Consultants: Psy-Cosmetology

2014 Coaches and Consultants: Psy-Cosmetology

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