2014 Coaches and Consultants: Kopsa Otte

Stacey Soble | October 31, 2013 | 12:53 PM

2014 Coaches and Consultants: Kopsa Otte2014 Coaches and Consultants: Kopsa OtteKopsa Otte CPAs and Advisors
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Owners: Larry Kopsa, CPA; Candy Otte, CPA; Stacey Stark, CPA

Kopsa Otte helps salon/spa owners better their businesses by being their trusted advisor and a part of their team. Our firm assists salons and spas with their business from accounting, commission structures, benchmarks, budgeting, tax planning and more.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: Our firm has been specializing in this niche for more than 30 years. We have a team of accounting professionals who have a unique insight into this industry, helping our clients become more profitable. We are much more than the ‘accountant next door.’

HOW WE WORK: We start with our business analysis. Our team spends time straightening out your accounting, reviewing the tax returns and comparing your numbers to industry averages and benchmarks. Then, Larry Kopsa CPA will meet with you and go through our analysis. This is a great way to show you what our team can do.

CATCH US AT: Larry Kopsa CPA speaks at many of the top salon and spa conferences during the year. To find out when and where he will be, check our website under the ‘Salon & Spa Division.’

SMART TALK: One of our principles in our office is that, “What you can measure, you can manage.” What we mean by this is that as an owner, we have to be able to look at our financial data and interpret what changes we need to make in operations. We cannot wait until the end of the year until our bank balance gets low to make changes. We need to watch these things on an ongoing basis.

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