Danny Jelaca Salon

Chandler Rollins | September 26, 2013 | 10:43 AM

Danny Jelaca Salon Danny Jelaca Salon

Miami, FL



Danny Jelaca, acclaimed hairstylist, has been working in Miami Beach for 20 years. After working at a number of different salons, he realized none of them had the atmosphere he was looking for. Jelaca wanted the complete package: a posh interior, customer service, excellent location, amazing hair stylists, and maybe even a little champagne. And so, Jelaca followed his heart and recently opened his namesake salon in the Shops at Portofino tower at South Beach’s South Pointe. Danny Jelaca Salon

Designed to resemble an ornate jewelry box, the Danny Jelaca Salon features crystal chandeliers button tufted-wall panels and sleek porcelain floors. “It has always been my dream to offer a certain type of salon that has a luxury high-end exclusive feel,” says Danny Jelaca.

When Jelaca decided to open his own salon, people told him he picked the wrong city to bring his dream to light. If he expected things to run well they said LA, New York or Chicago were better options. Jelaca felt differently, and his determination paid off. In September 2012, the Danny Jelaca Salon opened. “I really want to be someone who makes a mark here and brings a change; a change with elegance and style.”

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