I.D Salon

Chandler Rollins | September 19, 2013 | 1:46 PM
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I.D Salon

Woodbury, NY


Lori Panarello, Nick Pagano

SALON STYLE: Urban-Upscale, Industrial, Hip-Chic



EQUIPMENT: Belvedere

FURNITURE: Belvedere, Paul White


RETAIL LINE: KMS, Sebastian, Milbon

COLOR LINE: Goldwell

ARCHITECT: Anthony Kiiru


DESCRIPTION: I.D Salon is bowling alley turned salon. It is designed with an open floor plan to create the feeling of a loft space, which allows for a continuity in the flow of the salon. The consecutive free standing mirrors at the cutting stations, running down the center as well as the walls of the salon are set up to make the space feel like an art gallery, while also providing a lightness that sets the tone for the facility.

"We had to determine what to expose and what to cover, how to keep it raw and urban, while still polished and upscale, how to maximize the drama while also imbuing it with an inviting warmth."

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