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Six Figure Hairdresser

November 6, 2012 | 3:30 PM
404-518-5542 •
OWNER: Harry D. Wood IV

Six Figure HairdresserThe Six Figure Hairdresser model was designed by a stylist to raise professional standards in the beauty industry while helping fellow stylists become more successful. From setting attainable goals to marketing yourself as a brand, the Six Figure Hairdresser model is designed for everyday use with a simple and straightforward structure that can help you build a rewarding career and achieve your financial dreams.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: Our mission statement is to raise the professional standards and incomes of hairdressers and people in the beauty industry to SIX FIGURES.

HOW WE WORK: We teach production employees how to maximize their potential and set attainable goals by creating a clear path of entrepreneurial spirit. We re-energize and re-charge complacent employees by using technology to change the client experience and make work more enjoyable.

CATCH US AT: Chicago, Nov. 5; Cincinnati, Nov. 11; Los Angeles, Nov. 13; Winnipeg, Nov. 26-27; Milwaukee, Jan. 13; Rochester, Jan. 16; New Orleans, Jan. 20-23; Richmond, Jan. 27; Milwaukee/Chicago, Feb. 17-18; St. Louis, Mar. 4; Chicago, Mar. 10; Wichita, May 19; and Kansas City, May 20.

WORDS OF WISDOM: Some people think hairdressing is a blue-collar job, but that doesn’t mean a stylist can’t earn white-collar wages. The Six Figure Hairdresser system emphasizes customer service and smart planning, not just the technical side of cutting hair. Today’s leading stylists are using new technologies to catapult their income to the next level—I want to show you how you can do it too!

BETTER BOTTOM LINE IN 2013: We proudly announce the first interactive multi-media textbook in the beauty industry. It allows you to take notes, e-mail them for coaching and has tutorial videos on how to use iPads and tablets for consulting. For more information, check out our tools page on our website:

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