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Top Shelf: "Shortcuts" by Diana Schmidtke

Stacey Soble | February 16, 2012 | 5:31 PM

Book: Shortcuts to a Successful Career as a Hairstylist or Make Up Artist in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry

Written by: Diana Schmidtke

Reviewed by: Chad Austin, stylist at Studio Salon in Salt Lake City, Utah

Published by: Lucy Girl Publishing

SALON TODAY: What is the book about?

Austin: “The book is about how to succeed and build yourself as a successful freelance hair/makeup artist in the film, print, or fashion industry.  It is your complete career path for navigating you from the start of your career in beauty school to building your portfolio filled with actors, musicians and models. This is your A to Z guide of how to survive and build your career in the most successful way possible as a freelance hair and makeup artist!”

Top Shelf: "Shortcuts" by Diana SchmidtkeSALON TODAY: Why did you like this book?

Austin: “I loved the book because it gave me a direct, no-nonsense view of how to go about creating my career in every way possible within the fashion and beauty industry. The insight it can give to readers is priceless, and it is true insider industry knowledge at its finest.”

SALON TODAY: What was the biggest takeaway message for you?

Austin: “The biggest and very best message I took away from Shortcuts and Diana is that I am not just a "hairdresser"! I am creative. Meaning, that yes, you can be behind the chair, but you also always have the options to break into photo work, create different characters for movies or even become an author to help inspire other people in the industry to do better and push farther then the generations of hair stylist before us.  The possibilities are endless!”

SALON TODAY: What idea from the book did you implement into your work or personal life?

“There is so much I could implement from this book, but what I choose to implement is a message that there are so many options you have in your life, you keep pushing and growing.  Shortcuts is definitely how to build a career but, also how to grow in so many different ways. You can achieve anything that you set out to do!”

SALON TODAY: Why would you recommend this book to your staff or your colleagues?

Top Shelf: "Shortcuts" by Diana SchmidtkeAustin: “I recommend this book whenever I have a colleague or future professional that is thinking about going into the fashion or beauty industry.  Shortcuts gives a very direct and real guide of how to work within the fashion/beauty industry! Everyone deserves to have a Shortcut in their life!”


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