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Esche & Alexander PR/BeautyPRpro 2012

November 7, 2011 | 8:58 AM
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OWNERS: Sharon Esche and Alexander Irving

Esche & Alexander PR/BeautyPRpro 2012


Esche & Alexander helps salon owners get more and better media visibility, while giving them insight into the ‘process’ of public relations, including how to earn the attention and respect of the media and understand what writers and producers really need.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: We offer clients two ways to work with us. As Esche & Alexander PR, we offer clients full-service PR work where we do all the work for a monthly fee. As BeautyPRpro, our ‘PR a la carte’ service, we can work with smaller salon owners and independents who don’t want to commit to monthly fees. They have a way to get quality PR help/support within their budget.

HOW WE WORK: We get to know your company, either in person or on the phone. Our full-service agency works with a regular monthly fee, and we do all the heavy lifting. More affordable than most think, we don’t ask for long-term contracts. BeautyPRpro’s a la carte PR services include: developing a PR plan looking ahead to next year; packages of telephone time where we help owners work through their PR goals and review their news releases; writing new releases and bios; writing brochures, ads, website copy, press kit materials; and in-person consultation time.

CATCH US AT: Most of the time we are too busy to do show classes, but we do teach our PR Power program classes at the American Board of Certified Haircolorist Energizing Summit.

OUR ADVICE: You only get one chance to make a good impression. We see it all too often—salons who send out news release, brochures and other materials that are badly written, grammatically incorrect and misspelled. Be newsworthy! The word ‘new’ is 75% of the word ‘News.’ What are you doing that is unique, unusual, interesting, exciting and of value for the reader and viewers of the media?

PROFIT TIP: Public relations contributes to profitability by raising awareness of your brand and attracting new clients because of what your brand represents to them. Smart PR puts a greater number of clients in your chairs.

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