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Summit Salon Business Center 2012

November 7, 2011 | 8:10 AM


Summit Salon Business Center introduces business practices that tap into the heart of service providers by increasing their personal income, and therefore the bottom-line of the salon company utilizing our proprietary Summit Level System.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: Summit Salon Business Center (SSBC) is committed to improving the beauty industry one person at a time by ‘passing it on’ so that our industry will be strong and prosperous for generations to come. More than 2,900 salons are graduates of our cornerstone program, The Summit.

HOW WE WORK: SSBC is the world’s largest salon seminar, training and consulting company. We offer in-salon and phone consulting, as well as detailed owner/ manager tools to help you mange your money and plan for growth. Central to these tools are Budget Guidelines and a Succession Ownership/Shareholder System. Our service provider level systems are specific to each department in the salon (front desk, hair, skin, massage and nails). The Level System also provides an associate program. In addition to consulting, you may attend The Summit, Strictly Business or Money Matters, our cornerstone programs.

CATCH US AT: The Summit 2012: In New York on June 10-13; in Toronto on Aug. 12-15; in Seattle, WA, on May 20-23 or Sept. 9-12 ; or in Tampa, FL, on Jan. 22-25, Feb. 12-15, March 25-28, April 22-25, October 7-10, Oct. 21-24, or Nov. 4-7. Strictly Business 2012: In San Francisco, CA, on Feb. 19-22; in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, on Apr. 15-18; in Boston, MA, on May 6-9; in Chicago, IL, on June 3-6; in Nashville, TN, on Aug. 19-22; in Washington DC, on Sept. 16-19; in Atlanta, GA on October 14-17; and in La Jolla/ Beverly Hills, CA on Nov. 11-14. Money Matters 2012: In Orlando, FL, on March 18-21 or Nov. 4-7.

OUR ADVICE: The key in 2012 is establishing your salon as a provider of world-class customer service. Clients are still willing to spend money in salons and spas, but they have more choices than they’ve ever had. Growing your company will be tied to your ability to take away any and all reasons for a client to shop around for another salon.

PROFIT TIP: Begin with the end in mind. Establish the profit goal and build your budget, training and promotion plans based on that goal. Salon owners tend to chase the latest idea, rather than map our potential profit before the year begins.

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