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Inspiring Champions 2012

November 4, 2011 | 12:41 PM

Inspiring Champions 2012


Inspiring Champions helps salon and spa professionals who want to make more money, work less hours and live a more-balanced life. We have a 17-year proven track record for dramatically increasing sales, income, profit and balance—while having fun.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: While other training companies may teach students by telling them ‘what to do’ and ‘why to do it,’ Inspiring Champions teaches you ‘how to do it!’ We provide fast, easy, practical systems that have been proven to work with thousands of graduates, and we promise they will work for you, too!

HOW WE WORK: We offer live, three-day hands-on “Champ Camps” and “Cash Flow Camps.” Champ Camp is our signature workshop for owners and managers who want proven and repeatable systems to increase the productivity and results of their entire team, as well service providers who want proven success systems to instantly increase service and retail sales, client retention, pre-booking results and income. Cash Flow Camp is for individuals who want to open a business, salons that are having difficult cash-fl ow problems or mid-to-upper-end salons who want to grow or expand their business. It provides owners with the business skills, knowledge and proven systems to dramatically increase their cash fl ow and profit. Advanced Leadership Program helps owners and managers learn how to lead, inspire and grow their team through coaching skills and proven business systems. In addition, Inspiring Champions offers one-on-one coaching over the phone, on-site business training, and front desk webinar training.

CATCH US AT: Champ Camp 2012: In Orlando, FL, on March 18-20; in Calgary, Canada, on April 15-17; and in Minneapolis, MN, on June 24-26. Cash Flow Camp 2012: In Dallas, TX, on February 19-21. Visit for a complete list of Inspiring Champions’ camps, trade show seminars, manufacturer and distributor events.

OUR ADVICE: “Be the change that you want others to become!”—Gandhi. Great leaders walk the walk and talk the talk; they lead by example.

PROFIT TIP: If you want to be more profitable, you must increase the performance and results of your team. You can no longer be the star, you must make the team your stars! This will require coaching and mentoring skills along with proven business systems to take you and your team to the top! Inspiring Champions is the best solution to help you achieve just that.

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