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Ethno Solutions, Inc 2012

November 3, 2011 | 1:01 PM
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OWNER: William Onyebuagu

Ethno Solutions, Inc 2012


Ethno Solutions is a Research and Development Studio for the salon and cosmetic marketing Industry. We help salon or spa owners who may be interested in creating their own product line by duplicating their current products and making them better, taking their product idea from paper to bottle, and creating their own line from our studio product menu. WE are focused on common-sense technology driven by service, performance and quality. Our Salon Partner Membership Program gets you the latest and best technologies fresh at the wholesale member’s price.

WHAT WE DO: We can partner with your salon in a profit-sharing relationship to develop a customized formula with your salon logo at a member’s exclusive price. We help single or chain salons by creating their signature product lines and delivering it fresh to your salon. We can also prepare smaller pilot runs of 10-3,000 bottles/jars and supply them at your request.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: You can work directly with the chemist in developing your customized products. We will support all your product inquiries and be there to answer all your product-related questions. Don’t go to a contract manufacturer without us by your side. You totally control the negotiation floor when we represent your inside interest with your own formula as your negotiating bullet.

HOW WE WORK: We can set up a face-to-face meeting, telephone conference or chat via e-mail to discuss your potential interest. First, we forward you a product development request form to fi ll out. Then, we set up another meeting to discuss project feasibility, timeframe and development cost. Upon your approval, we move at your recommend pace. We can do small or large group meetings at your place, our place or at a neutral place.

OUR ADVICE: If you have an opportunity to consider your own line of products, make sure you understand all the rules and regulations and always rely on common sense before technology as your vehicle for baseless and unsubstantiated product performance claims.

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