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Skin Care Products: Three Sure Things

July 10, 2011 | 5:22 PM
American International Industries (AII), a leader in developing innovative beauty and skin care products for the past 40 years, offers three areas to boost your income while expanding your salon’s full service promise.

On the menu:

GiGi’s Super Fruit Brow & Lip Wax
Target client: Anyone who could benefi t from an eyebrow arch or upper lip fuzz clean-up.
Innovations: New Concept + Next Level of Beauty

Do the math*
This easy upsell relies on the stylist’s recommendation. Switch up the service for men by combining a unibrow and upper neck clean-up. Your potential:
• $20/Super Fruit Brow & Lip Wax.
• 20 clients/week
• $400/week x 52 weeks = $20,800/year

The Service Buzz
GiGi introduces two waxes containing high concentrations of vitamins and antioxidants and creating a healthy looking, relaxing aromatherapy experience for clients. “We’ve combined the most powerful Super Fruits—acai, blueberry, cranberry and pomegranate,” reports esthetician Susie Augustin, associate brand manager. “We call it ‘skin care meets waxing.’”

Skin Care Products: Three Sure ThingsOn the menu: China Glaze Swirl Nail Art
Target client: Women who love unique nails, because no two are alike!
Innovations: New Concept + Speed

Do the math*
Price this as you would any nail art service. The unique nature of it attracts new nail clients. Your potential:
• $20/Swirl Technique
• 20 clients/week
• $400/week x 52 weeks = $20,800/year

The Service Buzz
“China Glaze treatments make a great addon service, because they bring in a level of individual pampering,” says Rachel Schafer, China Glaze nail artist. “Pair the wide range of crèmes, shimmers, iridescents, pearls, neons, glitters, glass-fl ecked and metallics with a service like our swirl technique to achieve endless possibilities for customizing a client’s visit.”

Skin Care Products: Three Sure ThingsOn the menu:Ardell Eyelash Application
Target client:Every woman.
Innovations:Next Level of Beauty + Speed

Do the math*
Everyday women can now have the glamorous look they see on actresses and supermodels. Your potential:
• $15/Full Set of Eyelashes
• 20 clients/week
• $300/week x 52 weeks = $15,600

The Service Buzz
Ardell lashes offer unique comfort for the woman wearing them and couldn’t be easier for the salon professional who’s applying them. Ultra-light and easy to remove, the human hair lashes are attached with an innovative adhesive that guarantees lash security while protecting your client’s own lashes and eyes. “Beauty pros can show the dramatic transformation achieved with a set of lashes,” says Anne Moratto of American International Industries (AII). “It’s an instant facelift!”

* Example is for illustration purposes only. Pricing is at the sole discretion of the retailer or salon. Actual results may vary. Not all products or offers available in all areas.

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Priority: Healthy-Looking Hair
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Skin Care Products: Three Sure Things
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