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Dress Code Policies

July 10, 2011 | 5:19 PM
Properly Dressed: Four owners weigh in on their dress code policies.

mplementing a dress code at your salon helps staff radiate professionalism. An immaculate appearance leaves a good first impression, and it promotes confidence in both the client and the stylist.

What is your salon’s dress code?

Tom: Our dress code is any combination of black and white, accessorized by silver or gold.
Sara: Professional attire—yet fashion-forward. No short shorts, cut offs, midriffs exposed. Clothing must be clean and not worn, hair styled and appropriate make-up.
David: Dress to impress, no denim with tennis shoes, no excessive skin showing, sharp-looking denim, sharp-looking tees, clean and ironed, no underwear visible, no offensive writing or images.
Kathy: The following is not allowed: poorly fitted clothes, tank tops, undershirts, mini-skirts, shorts, athletic shoes, casual fl ip-fl ops, long pants that drag on the ground, and sweatshirts including those with hoods. No midriffs or excessive cleavage.

How does your salon enforce the dress code?

Tom: Because we’ve had our dress code for so long, we find that it’s really second nature and we don’t have to enforce it that often.
Sara: The managers are responsible for handling dress violations. If someone is inappropriately dressed, they will be asked to go home and change.
David: We have assigned someone to monitor dress code.
Kathy: We rarely have to enforce it but we have asked staff to never wear something again and we have sent staff home to change.

Do you have reward days where employees can break the dress code?

Tom: Exceptions usually involve adding a punch of color for a special event or holiday.
Sara: Team members pay $5 to wear jeans during a month. Currently throughout this month, any team member that wears jeans is accruing time to go volunteer hair services at a local woman’s shelter.
David: We used to wear black as a dress code so being able to wear colors jeans etc. we feel is a reward.
Kathy: Denim is allowed as long as it’s neat, fashionable and well fitting when worn with shoes and a top that creates a dressy, professional look.

Tom Bell

Director of Development, Mario Tricoci Hair Salons & Day Spas ( in Oak Brook, IL

Sara Wisda

Owner of Aura Aalon & Day Apa ( in Acottsdale, AZ

Dress Code Policies

David Valencia

Owner of DK Hair ( in San Diego, CA

Dress Code Policies

Kathy Alexander

Owner of Salon de Nouveau ( in Tucson, AZ

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