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Salon Incentives

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 5:13 PM

Do you want to promote repeat services and product sales in your salon? Try out the Salon Incentives Rebate Certificate, a multipurpose marketing tool that promotes and rewards customer loyalty in beauty salons. Product manufacturers and distributors can include these certificates as part of a buy in of a new product line or to increase their presence and broaden the selection of their product offerings in existing accounts. Salons can purchase these certificates to use as referral rewards, first time customer incentives, and customer loyalty rewards.
Salon Incentives

The recipient of a certificate can redeem one of 10 - $10 rebate coupons per salon visit on a service fee or product charge of $20 or more for a total of $100 over 10 visits. There is no time limit to redeem the coupons and certificates can only be redeemed on purchases made at the issuing salon.

ETTSI Incentive Premiums, a licensed and bonded seller of travel for more than 18 years, handles all the processing of the rebates and insures that the certificate holder only receives rebates on charges from the salon that gave out the certificate. The salon or product distributor is only charged for the cost of the certificate, which is far below the face value of $100.

Kim Amadon, a stylist and colorist at STARZ Salon in Sudbury, MA, immediately endorsed the program. “I personally would use these certificates to reward my clients who have been loyal to me and referred their friends and relatives,” says Kim. “I can also see how this would be a tremendous tool for new stylists just starting out in building their clientele, or to ease a client’s mind when making expensive purchases of professional products that they have yet to use and appreciate their value.”

Included as a bonus with every Salon Incentives Certificate is the salon’s choice of one of ETTSI’s Promo Series Travel Certificates. Fly Free America, Passage to Fun, or Vacation of a Lifetime are the most popular but several other travel programs are also available.
For additional information about ETTSI and their incentives, call 1-866-224-9650 or visit

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