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inyu training®

July 10, 2011 | 5:12 PM
inyu training®

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Owner: Jeanine O’Neill-Blackwell

inyu training®

inyu training® is a learning community, both online and live, where salon leaders can teach, share and create together. The training we provide for you to use in your business is created using the award-winning 4MAT® learning model that engages every learning style and creates immediate business impact.

How we work: When you subscribe for $150/month as an inyu training® member, you gain unlimited access to all of our web-based classes and training library for your whole team. Or, you can purchase a single workshop from our online store. We also provide private coaching packages, train-the-trainer certification workshops, on-site retreats and live intensive workshops.

Catch us at: 24/7 you can access a growing library of over 130+ recorded salon business web classes available to all members. Each month, we premiere 3 live web workshops that your entire team can access live or recorded. Check out our training calendar for information on our 2011 web and live leadership workshops. View details at

Our advice: “Identify your strengths and passionately focus on working from those strengths. Surround yourself with others who complement those strengths.”

2011 wisdom: “New Year’s Resolution: Focus your attention on what you want to create, rather than what you want to eliminate. Commit to building and implementing a step-by-step training program that will guide your team in creating the results you want.”

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