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What is Your Biggest Challenge?

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 3:10 PM

What is Your Biggest Challenge?Looking Ahead

As we enter a new year and a new decade, SALON TODAY asks salon leaders, “What is your biggest challenge?”

“To continually lead by example. As a working stylist and owner, it’s difficult to give the client the attention I expect my team to consistently give because of the demands of owning the salon, but because of the economy I’ve needed to work more behind the chair. There is a light at the end that is starting to shine!”
Mitchell Eubanks
The Mitchell Wade Salon
Oviedo, FL

“Attracting individuals who are willing to do the work it takes to be successful is difficult for a small salon. It is essential to take the time to nurture the staff, but it’s difficult to take care of our customers’ needs and our staff’s needs without feeling pulled in 40 different directions. Finding and motivating the right people who can also motivate me to keep doing it is the core of that challenge. But we are doing it ... slowly but surely, one step at a time!”
Rachel Glenn
Prink Salon
Chicago, IL

“We just celebrated our 30th anniversary. In the beginning of our business, I developed a system to retain and reward clients for purchasing products and scheduling clients’ next visits before leaving the salon. The 20% of staff that follow the system have grown their clientele; the 80% who do not follow our system still want us to advertise more. The biggest challenge is to get everyone on the bus and focus on the Daryl Christopher system.”
Angela Guido
Daryl Christopher Wellness
Salon And Day Spa
Waltham, MA

“The biggest challenge I face is having employees recognize they are the sum total of their exposure. If they are slow, it is up to them to improve. If they are busy, it is up to them to mentor those who are not. Take responsibility for who you are and what you are not. Be accountable.”
Ian Marc Smith
Imagine Salon and Spa
Bedford, NS

“My biggest challenge is to rise to the occasion and be the boss and mentor my staff deserves. They have entrusted me with their professional development. That is not something any business owner should take lightly. I have an amazingly talented senior staff as well as stylists and colorists new to the industry. It is my job to provide both with the opportunities to make them grow and an environment that is stimulating and nurturing.”
Jennifer Rabideau
Halo Salon And Color Lab
Fort Worth, TX

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