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The Power of 10 in 2010

Stacey Soble | July 10, 2011 | 2:42 PM

As the calendar turns to 2010, will you be ready to turn around your business? P&G Professional says, "Let's leave the 2009 downturn behind, and plan to win in 2010!"

Work closely with your manufacturer partner to plan promotions, learn about new products and techniques, and find the best education for you and your staff. For some great ideas, check out

When asked, "What one thing should salon owners do to turn things around in 2010?" these industry leaders shared the following advice:

The Power of 10 in 2010

Nick Arrojo, Arrojo Studio, New York: "Retail is the missed opportunity. Think of your team as educators to clients, not salespeople. Talk to clients about the products they need."

The Power of 10 in 2010

Geno Stamporo, consultant, author, motivational speaker: "Teach all employees to take personal responsibility for their marketing of their skills and services in the salon."

The Power of 10 in 2010

Adam Broderick, Adam Broderick Salon, Ridgefield, CT: "Don't worry about revenue. Focus on below-the-line expenses. Look for things to cut that won't affect the client experience."

The Power of 10 in 2010

Janine Jarman, Hairroin Salon, Hollywood, CA and Sebastian Stylist Design Team Member: "Create goal boards with staff, using magazine cutouts to visualize. Share with one another to keep the team accountable and working together. Also, develop a clear education plan for the year."

The Power of 10 in 2010

Lois Christie, Christie Salon & Spa, Bayside, NY and President, Intercoiffure America/Canada: "2010 is all about making clients a part of the whole salon experience with extraordinary service. Take advantage of what major manufacturers offer to help build your business. We are all in this recovery together! Wella has been our partner for 39 years and helps us have a happy, motivated staff that is consistently educated. Also, joining organizations, such as Intercoiffure, where successful owners  share ideas and knowledge is a huge advantage."

The Power of 10 in 2010
Anthony Muti, Creative Director, Mario Tricoci Salons & Day Spas, Chicago, IL: "Build each staff person's business and train them to brand their own business." 

The Power of 10 in 2010
Larry Silvestri, COO, Mario Tricoci: "Watch your inventory and controllable expenses. Use one color line that you can train all your staff on, and use on all of your clients."

The Power of 10 in 2010
Frank Gironda, President, Cosmetologists Chicago:
"Plannow to attend America's Beauty Show, March 27-29, 2010, in Chicago and check out the P&G Professional Pavilion. It's the best investment you'll make for yourself and your staff."

John Donato, Donato Salon & Spa, Toronto, Canada: "Up your customer experience by always trying to out-do yourself."

Sab Shad, Vice President, Erwin Gomez Salon, Washington, D.C.: "Makestaff training a priority by booking education during the workday.Train soft skills with as much diligence as technical training. Don't let negative energy pervade the whole salon."

Marie Gaglioti, Dieci Salon & Spa, Livingston, NJ: "Usethe 1:1 time you have with each client to provide solutions, talk about beauty needs and recommend products that you provide."

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