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How to Build a Better Salon Business from Pureology

Web Editor | July 10, 2011 | 1:34 PM
  • Always promote treatments before and after a color service to ensure longer lasting color results.
  • Offer a free trial treatment to select clients. Once they feel the benefits they will never want to have color without the pre and post treatments.
  • Send out a card offering the service to new and existing clients.
  • Make sure you have healthy beautiful hair. Promote the treatments with your own shiny, vibrant color-treated hair.   
  • Pre-Book the next appointment. This will help prevent “down time” in the salon and build a stronger relationship with your client. Pre-Booking will help your client not go past their scheduled time for color services. This will ensure that they always have beautiful hair color.
  • Adding on 1 treatment a day could help you earn and extra $150 a week, $600 a month and $7,200 a year!  Imagine if you added 2 treatments a day.
  • Make sure you keep client cards. This will help you remember the color formula and technique you performed and also the treatments and take home regimen you recommended.
  • Listen-Listen for words like dull, faded and damaged. This opens up a conversation about the treatment you could provide to help with all of those problems.
  • Referrals-Want new clients? Offer existing clients a free treatment if they send you 2-3 new clients. Referral clients are the best new clients because they choose to visit you and come with new ideas, pictures and prices.
  • Add treatment services to your salon menu.  
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