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Create “Getaway for a Day” Packages

Molly Noonan | July 10, 2011 | 1:34 PM

Create “Getaway for a Day” Packages

With all of the gloom and doom surrounding the economy, there isn’t much reason for consumers to smile lately. Soaring gas prices, a slumping housing market and the rising cost of just about everything else is likely forcing many of your clients to forgo vacations in favor of paying their bills. Now for the good news! You have can turn the bad economy into good fortune for your salon (and your clients) by creating “getaway for a day” packages. Market them as an alternative to a full-fledged vacation, but still an escape, nonetheless. Here are some ideas to get clients out of an economic slump and into your salon:

  1. Honeymoon in high-style.

For the first time in years, the average amount spent on a wedding has gone down! If you talk to soon-to-be-marrieds, one of the first things they’ll say they’re cutting is the honeymoon. Instead, they’re choosing to save their money to buy their first home, vowing to take a honeymoon “someday.” Until “someday” comes, you can give them a chance to sail off into the sunset of newlywed life looking fantastic. Create a discounted “Mr. and Mrs.” package that includes the works: hair cut and color, treatments and spa services, if available.

  1. All in the family.

Now is your chance to attract a new family of clients—the ever-elusive dads and tweens. Customize a salon visit for mom, dad and kids that leaves the family looking sharp and gives them a chance to spend time together doing something fun (sure beats endless rides in the family minivan!). They might not leave with a tan, but they’ll have sleek new styles to show off to friends at school and work. And next time they need a trim, guess where they’ll end up?

  1. Best Friends are Forever Fabulous (BFFF).

Going to the salon isn’t so much an act of maintenance for teens and even 20-somethings—it’s an event! For young ones who wish they could jet off far, far away from their parents during their summer vacation, give them the next best thing: a fierce new look and plenty of BFF-bonding time. Market this package to moms who are likely to foot the bill. After you deliver celeb-worthy styles for a set of best friends, they’re guaranteed to come back for more. And there you have it—a new client-in-training!

  1. Beachy-keen and carefree.

Here’s your chance to play up your color skills. A weekend in Miami or LA might be out of the question for many clients, but sun-kissed color isn’t. Specially price your highlighting services, position them as a “Beach Bombshell” package and watch as clients flock to the salon for a healthy dose of (foiled) sunshine. Who knows? A single-process client might get hooked on the rays of light around their face and come back for more!

  1. Take a European Excursion.

With the euro-dollar exchange rate at an all-time high, flying across the pond will probably have to wait for most clients. But they can buy into European style right here on U.S. soil (and in your salon). Flex your globally stylish muscles and introduce clients to looks that are que magnifique in the world’s fashion capitals: London, Paris, Tokyo and Rome! Chances are extensions will be a must, which adds up to big business for you. Do a little research, find out what looks the style-savvy ladies of Europe are showing off and market a special “Euro-Chic” menu.

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