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The Competitive Spirit

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 12:32 PM

The Competitive Spirit

Get your staff revved up for summer retailing with a competition! Here are three good ones to get you started!

1. For the individual: Give them personalized goals for one month and track results.

How to do it: Look at each of your stylists’ retail track record and set goals according to their abilities. Do you have a stylist who sells at least one item to every client? Make her goal to sell two items to at least one client a day. What about your stylist who is lucky if she sells one item per month? Make her goals to sell two items per week.

Tracking results: Use percentages rather than actual items sold. For example, at the end of the month, you can have a chart that says Sarah increased her retail dollars by 15%, Andrea increaser hers by 12% and so on …           

The reward: It’s going to be harder for your overachievers to reach their goals than the stylists with less to sell. Try creating a tier system so you have a winner in each group. The ultimate goal is to have your low-selling stylists achieving the same level of retail as your top sellers. Reward them with a day off or gift certificate to their favorite store or restaurant.

Tip: Empower your stylists who are great retailers: Have them coach and encourage the stylists who are still learning.  


2. For the team: Create a retail goal for the entire salon team.

How to do it: Choose a goal such as “increase retail sales by 20% for the month of June” or “get 75% of clients to purchase at least one item during their June visits.” Figure out exactly how much each staff member needs to sell and post it in the back room.

Tracking results: In addition to using your salon software, get a dry erase board for your backroom that you can update at the end of each day that staff members can check anytime. Draw a thermometer to illustrate getting closer to your goal.

The reward: Plan a group outing everyone will enjoy. Whether it’s a night out at a fancy restaurant or a cruise on a local ferry ship, your staff will appreciate the treat!

Tip: Create a checklist for staff members to carry around. It should incorporate what they are going to say to their guest, how they are going to present the product and any other information that will help them retail.


3. For the front desk: Get clients to impulse buy.

How to do it: Your front desk is already good at closing a sale, now it’s time to teach them how to encourage the impulse buy. Set out baskets of products/accessories/makeup/nail polish near the front desk and let your staff talk up the products to guests as they check out.

Tracking results: Use your salon software to see which staff member has the best results.

The reward: Treat the winner to a day of beauty … at another salon/spa. Ask her to be a secret shopper and come back with a report on yyour competitor’s good and bad qualities.

Tip: A great product display will help sell. Browse your favorite retail shops for new ideas on how to show off your impulse items at the front desk.

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