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Promotions for the Season: Father's Day

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 12:32 PM

June is right around the corner. Along with summertime pedicures and waxings, it’s also time to start promoting Father’s Day and graduation day packages. Here are seven ways to celebrate dads and grads in your salon.





  1. My first job makeover: Create a package to polish the new college grad. Give her a sleek cut, professional color, facial, mani and pedi and she’ll be ready to conquer any industry. Market this package to moms as the perfect graduation gift.
  2. Prep course: High school grads will be looking to update their looks for the college campus. Offer a going-to-college special in the months of July and August for a free shampoo and conditioner (to take to campus) with any hair cut/color for new grads.
  3. College kit: Create a retail package for girls/guys heading off to college. Include liter-size shampoo/conditioner, a choice of styling product, moisturizer, skin care product and a 15-percent off their next hair cut coupon for when they come home for the weekend.
  4. School-year coupons: Do you live in a college town? Create a pack of year-round coupons to put in freshman orientation kits. These monthly coupons can range from a percentage off hair color to a free bottle of nail polish with a mani/pedi. You’ll nab them for their next four (or five) years!
  5. Golf massage: Partner up with your local golf course to create the perfect gift for dads—a golf/massage package. The golf course supplies a discounted round of golf and you supply a discounted massage. Market it to wives, sisters, moms and daughters.
  6. The power dad package: For the dad who works long hours in a high-pressure job. This day-long package can include any of the following: massage, facial, acupuncture, yoga, body treatments. Throw in a tall, frosty beer while he’s waiting and an hour in the steam room and he’ll be a new man.
  7. Luxury shave: A great add-on to any service! Treat dads to a complimentary warm, luxurious shave on Father’s Day, and don’t forget to mention the skin care products you use!

Promotions for the Season: Father's Day

Promotions for the Season: Father's Day
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