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Dis-Tress: Hair Thinning and Loss.

Jeffrey Paul | June 20, 2013 | 8:08 AM

Dis-Tress: Hair Thinning and Loss.Let’s face it. Hair thinning and loss can be a private panic for most women – and men. 

Imagine if you will, the first time your client looked in the mirror or caught their reflection in a store window and truly realized it was serious. They couldn’t dismiss it any longer. The panic sets in.

That moment is not just about vanity. Hair thinning and loss evokes a physiological reaction, one that can result in a loss of self-esteem, perhaps cause depression, anxiety and lead to other emotional issues. For many, our hair is what makes us feel beautiful, youthful and well, healthy.

Being professionals, we want to help. But perhaps we aren’t sure where to start, or even how to identify the many factors that are attributed to hair thinning and loss. 

As a national educator on the topic, I’ve come across countless stylists and salon owners that ask me just that – how can they help their clients navigate the sometimes-complicated waters of “why” this is happening to them. And second, how can they help them find a solution?

To begin, we must understand that hair thinning and loss can be attributed to many factors and, often, combinations of those factors. Generally speaking, they may include:

 - Genetic predisposition (family history of hair loss)
 - Stress and trauma (constriction of blog supply; poor vitamin assimilation)
 - Nutrition and diet (high consumption of animal fats)
 - Health issues (thyroid imbalance)
 - Medication (side effect caused by chemotherapy or other medications)
 - Environment (pseudo-estrogens and pseudo-androgens)
 - Chemical damage (incorrect chemical processes applied to hair)

Most of these initial factors lead to a “miniaturization” of the hair, when hair follicle deterioration caused by pollutants or toxins caused individual hairs to become smaller and finer, until the follicle remain in the “resting” phase and is totally dormant. 

Sound confusing? It’s Ok. I’m here to help. 

I’m so thrilled to announce my partnership with Modern Salon Media, where I will be blogging regularly about both the basics – and the complex areas of hair thinning and loss. My perspective is from an educational standpoint, as this industry is one that I have spent over 30 years navigating, helping to change lives along the way. Together, we can help those clients who are in a “private panic” about their hair thinning and loss issues regain their self-esteem and chart a course to restore beauty inside and out.

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About Jeffrey Paul

Jeffrey Paul is an author, nonprofit founder, international Hair replacement and Restoration expert and educator that brings an expansive vault of experience, compassion and inspiration to areas the hair thinning and loss industry.  His mission is to restore beauty inside and out, so that a person can live their life looking themselves with total confidence. 

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